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69,99 EUR*
Details The-Decca-Hillbilly-Discography-1927-1945-DISCOGRAPHIES

The Decca Hillbilly Discography 1927-1945 The American Decca recording company became the most influential publisher of hillbilly music during the 1930s and 1940s. Hillbilly music was the forerunner of today's country and western, and this discography ...

29,00 EUR*
Details Hillbilly-A-Cultural-History-of-an-American-Icon

Hillbilly Examining an icon of American popular culture, hillbilly, this book signifies rugged individualism and stubborn backwardness, strong family and kin networks. It argues that the hillbilly has been viewed as a violent degenerate who threatens ...

20,21 EUR*
Details Hillbilly-Goddess

Alecia Nugent - Hillbilly Goddess - Cd

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Details SexDrugs-Hillbilly

CD: Devils & Soehne,Sex,Drugs & Hillbilly

20,25 EUR*
Details Full-Skiffle-Steamy-Hillbilly

CD: Ivor & The Engines,Full Skiffle & Steamy Hillbilly: STILL SEALED

17,22 EUR*
Details Hillbilly-Jedi

CD: Big & Rich,Hillbilly Jedi

15,35 EUR*
Details Hillbilly-Hula

CD: Jenks 'Tex' Carman,Hillbilly Hula

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Details Homemade-Hillbilly-Jam-Im-Musikrausch-durch-Missouri-OmU

Eurovideo Homemade Hillbilly Jam, USK/FSK: oA VÃ--Datum: 15.11.07

17,10 EUR*
Details Faux-Real-Tees-Aus-echten-Hillbilly-Baby-Kostm

Wandeln Sie Ihre Kleinen in einen süßen Kleinen Hillbilly mit diesem Kostüm Onesie.

20,37 EUR*
Details From-Boppin-Hillbilly-to-Red-Hot-Rockab

VARIOUS From Boppin Hillbilly To Red Hot Rockabilly (2006 UK 118-track compilation 4-CD album set featuring the boppin hillbilly recordings from the beginning of the 1950s until the rockabilly explostion of 1955. Each disc is housed in a card picture ...

14,49 EUR*
Details My-Notorious-Youth-Hillbilly

Tompall Glaser - My Notorious Youth - Cd